Trump: Embassy won't move to Jerusalem within a year

U.S. President Donald Trump denied on Wednesday that the American embassy in Israel would move to Jerusalem within a year.

His comments came in response to earlier remarks on the embassy move made by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Asked about Netanyahu’s comment, Trump told the Reuters news agency in an interview that was not the case.

”By the end of the year? We’re talking about different scenarios - I mean obviously that would be on a temporary basis. We’re not really looking at that. That’s no,” he stressed.

Trump promised, however, that it would be “a beautiful embassy but not one that costs $1.2 billion,” referring to what he says was the cost of the new U.S. embassy in London.

Trump last week canceled a trip to London in which he was to open the new diplomatic mission, blaming his White House predecessor Barack Obama for selling off the old one for “peanuts”.

Earlier on Wednesday, Netanyahu said he expects the U.S. embassy to move to Jerusalem within the coming year.


Gravestones vandalized in Jewish cemetery in Eritrea

Dozens of gravestones were toppled and broken in a Jewish cemetery in Eritrea.

The damage at the cemetery located in the capital of Asmara is believed to have happened in recent days, according to two Jewish news outlets that received photos of the vandalism.

The Israel-based Haaretz published photos of the smashed gravestones, reported to be the first time that the Jewish cemetery has been targeted.

“The cemetery suffered vandalism and a large number of graves were defaced,” Danny Goldschmidt, from the Aden Jewish Heritage Museum located in Tel Aviv, told Haaretz. He said that the police have not made any arrests in the incident.

The London-based Jewish Chronicle also was sent photos of the damage by an unnamed reader in London of Eritrean descent, who did not want his name published for fear of retribution against family members who remain in Eritrea.

In addition to cemetery, the site in Asmara site is home to a now-defunct synagogue. The last Jewish family left Eritrea more than t…

London Jews demand swift burials, coroner’s removal

A Jewish burial society has called for the removal of a London coroner over delayed Jewish burials.

The society’s lawyers said the coroner’s policy “amounts to a blanket and disproportionate refusal” to respect religious beliefs that require a speedy burial.

Mary Hassell, the senior coroner at the St. Pancras coroner’s office in central London, told Jewish leaders in a letter that “no death will be prioritized in any way over any other because of the religion of the deceased or family.”

She also said she would no longer allow Jewish bodies to be held at a local Jewish funeral home instead of the mortuary. Jewish customs require shemirah, in which bodies are attended round the clock by fellow Jews until their burials.

She also has suggested members of her staff have been “bullied or intimidated” by Jewish community representatives calling to try to expedite burials.

The Adath Yisroel Burial Society, based in the London neighborhood of Stamford Hill, which has a large population of har…


Workers and drivers at the Hunts Point Market in the Bronx may be walking the picket line this week.

The market provides most of the fruit and vegetables to stores and restaurants around the city.

The union for the market's employees voted to authorize a strike over the weekend and could walk off the job on Wednesday.

The current contract expires Tuesday, and the union says it rejected a recent offer that would only give workers a 30-cent raise.

The Hunts Point Market has not had a strike in three decades.


New Jersey Man Sets Up Sting To Catch Suspected Package Thief

A New Jersey man turned the tables on a package thief.

Two packages recently delivered to his Clifton home were stolen, CBS2’s Erin Logan reported. So he set up a trap to see if the thief would come back.

“She probably thought it was makeup, because it said Sephora on the side of it,” retired Marine Joe Lignal told Logan.

But it was just a bag of broccoli.

“I decided I was going to set a trap, because that’s the only way to get them,” he said.

Days before, Lignal’s pregnant girlfriend was expecting two important packages to be delivered to their Howard Avenue home by UPS.

“They did an investigation, and I figured they got stolen,” he said.

She was waiting for makeup and the dress she had her heart set on wearing for her baby shower later this month.

“I was crying. I was really upset,” said Janeva Martinez. “It ruined my baby shower, for me at least.”

To make matters worse, the dress is now out of stock in her size.

Angered, that’s when Lignal put his plan into action. He placed the b…

Guy caught with gun claims to be fed informant: cops

Police are investigating a Virginia man’s claim that he is a federal informant after he was caught with a loaded gun in his waistband at a Midtown hotel, law enforcement sources told the Post.

Ahmed Bakr, 27, was stopped around 10:45 p.m. on Friday night at Renaissance Hotel on East 57th Street after security went to his room to check on an unrelated report of a break-in and discovered the loaded 9mm Glock, police said.

When police showed up, Bakr claimed to be an FBI informant and handed over the names and contact information for people who could verify his story.

Police have been unable to confirm his claims, which appear to be false, the source said.

Bakr was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

The FBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

NY Post

Parents still engaging in risky infant sleep practices, CDC says

Infant deaths due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) have reached an annual average of about 3,500 a year, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control.

Although that number represents an overall decrease in the number of sleep-related infant deaths since the 1990s, the CDC says the rate of SIDS deaths is no longer declining.

The agency says its new analysis of data suggests parents can do more to prevent accidental deaths from sleep-related causes.

Key findings

Findings from the analysis revealed:

One in 5 mothers place their baby to sleep on his or her side or stomach.

Two in 5 leave loose bedding and soft objects in the baby's sleep area (usually bumper pads and thick blankets).

Three in 5 sometimes share their bed with their baby.

Overall, the numbers highlighted the fact that nearly half of U.S. caregivers either haven’t been given the correct sleep information from their healthcare providers or have not implemented safe infant sleep practices in their h…