Jewish art exhibitions available online

The Jewish Museum in New York has an extensive online component that allows those living outside New York to view their exhibits. The website features 16 exhibits, including two that are currently on display.

"Reinventing Ritual: Contemporary Art and Design for Jewish Life" is one, if not the first, of international exhibitions to survey Jewish ritual as an important part of contemporary art. The exhibit includes nearly 60 works from 58 artists.

Another exhibit currently on display and available online is "Alias Man Ray: The Art of Reinvention". The exhibition presents a fresh look at Man Ray's work, examining the lifelong cover-up of his Russian-Jewish background and immigrant past.

There's also "Entertaining America: Jews, Movies, and Broadcast", which showcases the connection between American Jews and the nation’s entertainment media. "Light x Eight: The Hanukkah Project" and "Dateline Israel: New Photography and Video Art" are just two other online exhibitions.

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