Oil Company Delivers 75 Gallons To Tank-less Home

A Long Island homeowner came home to an oil slick in his basement.

He had received oil delivery, but no longer has an oil tank after switching to natural gas.

Now, the finger-pointing has begun.

Lance Leach lives inside a modest home in Freeport. On Tuesday night, he came home and found his basement submerged, he said, in heating oil.

"There was nothing but oil all on the floor," said Leach, adding that 75 gallons was delivered into his basement. "Yes. And a lot of the oil went down in the well over here."

Leach took pictures of the oil in his basement. He said he had switched from oil to gas about a year and a half ago. So the tank where the oil would normally go was removed.

Leach said, normally, he would call the oil company when he needed a delivery.

"I would call them and they would verify the payment with my credit card on file and then they would deliver the oil," Leach said.

But Leach told CBS 2 HD he hasn't called the oil company in a year and a half.

When Leach called the oil company this time around, O'Connor Brothers Fuel in Freeport, obviously for a far different reason, they sent someone over to start the cleanup. But the fumes and smell are still so bad, Leach, his wife, two sons and the 91-year-old gentleman who lives with them, James Walker, can't stay in the house. They're at a hotel.

Obviously, Tuesday night Leach's basement was swimming in oil. CBS 2 HD saw the aftermath. Needless to say, Leach's lawyer and the lawyers for the oil company will be talking very soon.

The fuel company said they had a cleanup crew there within an hour. They advise homeowners if you have an oil tank removed, you have to remove the pipes as well.



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