U.S. Postal Service Worker Accused Of Stealing $100,000 Worth Of Goods From People Along Her Westchester Route

A letter carrier from Westchester County has been arrested, accused of stealing more than $100,000 worth of valuable mail from her own customers.

Tensy May Smith from Croton-on-Hudson is a letter carrier in Pound Ridge, and has worked for the Postal Service for 15 years. Police said she has more than 400 customers on her route and allegedly snatched tens of thousands worth of cash, gift cards, credit cards and DVDs from their mail in a scheme that dated to at least 2008.

"She would get the mail and itemize it, and things of interest she would then take with her out on her route. She would then open up the mail and make a determination whether there was something of value," said Pound Ridge Police Sgt. Mark Miller.

Investigators said she used the money to buy thousands of dollars worth of shoes, jewelry and electronics, that were seized from her home.

Police and special agents from the Office of Inspector General set up a sting operation after complaints of missing mail started coming in last year.

They said when she'd steal credit cards she'd carefully cover her tracks.

"She would also then also have access to the monthly statements, so she would also retain the statements in order for the victims not to get any of that further information," Sgt. Miller said, adding the victim would basically have no idea what's going on.

There was mixed reaction at the Pound Ridge Post Office.

"It is shocking. That's the point it's shocking," resident Robert Jacobowitz said.

"It just goes to show how difficult the recession has hit people, because I think people are doing desperate acts because of the financial hardships that people are going through," resident Andi Warmund added.

The U.S. Postal Service said: "Fortunately, these incidents are not common. The vast majority of the U.S Postal Services 600,000 employees are hard working members of our communities."

Investigators said this is just the beginning and will likely take weeks to sort through all the evidence and contact all the victims. Meanwhile, Smith is being held at the Westchester County jail and her husband, who is also a postal worker, is a suspect as well.

In just two days investigators have found the names of more than 200 victims, and the calls keep pouring in. Smith has been charged with grand larceny, and has a hearing on Monday.


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