IDF says jihadi terrorist killed in Gaza air strike

The Israel Air Force on Thursday attacked a terror cell planning an attack near the Karni humanitarian aid crossing in the northern Gaza Strip, the IDF said.

Fares Ahmed Jaber, a "Global Jihad operative", was killed in the air raid,
an IDF spokesman said.
Jaber, a 26-year-old Gaza City resident, was involved in firing rockets at Israeli communities in the southwestern Negev desert over the past few months, the army said.

The IDF initially said Jaber was a member of Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad but later issued a correction.

Another militant, who was involved in an attempt to execute a terror attack was also targeted and injured.

In an earlier incident on Thursday, Palestinian sources reported that two Palestinian sisters aged 5 and 13 were injured by Israeli artillery shelling when the IDF exchanged fire with Palestinian gunmen near the Gaza fence.

The IDF reported no injuries or damage to the Israeli forces.

In a statement, the army said it would continue to react firmly against anyone using terror against the State of Israel, adding that Hamas was solely responsible for maintaining order in the Gaza Strip. 



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