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Paterson Continues His Media Blitz

Governor David Paterson's national media tour aimed at quelling the firestorm of rumors takes him to CNN today.

The governor will appear on “Larry King Live,” tonight, his latest stop as he rails against the New York Times and those who have taken advantage of the Times' expected profile piece that has launched a flurry of rumors around the state capitol.

Paterson appeared on the “Imus in the Morning” program yesterday, where he called the situation "Kafkaesque." He once again hinted the gossip about him was the work of a well-orchestrated campaign, but wouldn't specify who may be behind it.

"I have been depicted in a way that has been racialized, sexualized, hypersexualized, and dissolute,” said the governor.

The Times has said it cannot be held responsible for the reporting of other media outlets.


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