Texas - Workmen Tear Down Wrong House in Demolition Mix-Up

Texas - A stunned Texas homeowner came home to find her house had been accidentally bulldozed when a demolition crew began tearing down the wrong property, The Denton Record-Chronicle reported Tuesday.
Workers were supposed to knock down 721 Ruddell Street in Denton, Tex. -- but they set about wrecking the building opposite, number 724.

By the time a neighbor spotted the mistake and ran to tell them, the bungling crew had already torn down the porch, much of the roof and left a gaping hole in the family home where Francis Howard had lived for 47 years.

Shattered Howard, 69, told the Denton Record-Chronicle: "I don't have the words to say."

City records show the house that was supposed to be demolished had attracted a string of complaints including unkempt lawns, junked vehicles and a failure to secure the structure.

The landlord declined to comment.

Howard, who lives with her son Frisco, said she was taking legal advice over the April 21 disaster.

“I just want this house put back together,” she said. “I think I need a lawyer.”


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