Iranian official: Clinton repeats Peres like a parrot

Tehran - "The US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, is not a particularly intelligent women, who keeps repeating, like a parrot, President Peres' words and does not know what a Scud missile looks like," former Iranian Ambassador to Syria Hussein Sheikh al-Islam said.
Sheikh al-Islam, who currently serves as secretary-general of the committee for the support of the Palestinian intifada in Iran, said on Sunday that Clinton "doesn't know what a Scud missile is or what the border between Syria and Lebanon looks like."  His comments came in response to Clinton's recent accusations that Syria transferred long-range missiles to Hezbollah.

His comments, which were published in Iranian and Arab media, as well as in an statement published by the Iranian Embassy in Damascus firmly stated: "Clinton's claims are completely baseless."

Sheikh al-Islam added, "The president of the Zionist entity, Shimon Peres, was the first to spread these accusations. Afterwards there were those who copied him, including people less intelligent than him such as the US secretary of state, who has little experience. This is a woman who doesn't understand what a Scud is and doesn't understand the nature of the border between Syria and Lebanon or of the Lebanese mountain ridge in which Hezbollah is fortified."

Sheikh al-Islam, who served as Iranian ambassador to Damascus for many years, was among those who contributed to Hezbollah's establishment and strengthening over a long period of time.

The former ambassador added, "This woman, without being conscious or aware, repeats, like a parrot, what Shimon Peres said. The Scud missile is an old weapon, over 50-years-old, and training to use it takes hours. This does not suit Hezbollah's conditions of combat against Israel, in which the element of speed is particularly sensitive, under conditions when Israeli unmanned jets are circling above. The Scud is transported using a large 18-wheeler truck, and such trucks cannot pass the main road that connects Damascus and Beirut, so how would they get through the roads of the mountain ridge in which Hezbollah fighters are fortified?"

Sheikh al-Islam, who spent 15 years in Syria and Lebanon, continued to mock Clinton, saying her statements were "uneducated, similar to her other statements, and it seems that the experts in the American State Department such as American military men, do not have the courage to express their opinion of these statements. This is the situation in the United States, which calls itself the only superpower in the world, and this situation seems dreadful."



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