1,000 Israeli Youth 'Ambassadors' Head to America

More than 1,000 Israeli youths will be leaving for the United States in the upcoming weeks to serve as Zionist “ambassadors” to American youth. The Israelis will work at Jewish Agency camps, teaching about Israel and Israeli society and culture. 

They will disperse to approximately 200 Zionist and Jewish camps in North America, which are attended by a total of 150,000 children. The counselors have already completed their IDF or national service, and they looked to the Jewish Agency as a new way to contribute after fulfilling their mandatory service.

This year's Jewish Agency youth counselors were chosen from 6,000 who applied to work abroad. Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky said young Israelis' willingness to contribute and to work abroad makes a significant contribution to strengthening Israel's ties with the Diaspora.

Jewish Agency camp workers said the relationship between Israeli counselors and North American campers is mutually beneficial. Counselors help the campers develop their ties to Israel and their Jewish identity, while campers help the counselors strengthen their sense of identification with the Jewish people worldwide.

Arutz Sheva


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