Another Coyote Attack Stuns Westchester Town

Rye, N.Y. - CBS 2 HD has learned of another coyote attack in Rye. Ironically, news of this incident came down Tuesday night while a public safety meeting was being held on a previous attack from late last week. 

Police confirmed a girl was attacked Tuesday night while playing in her backyard. 

Witnesses said the coyote jumped the fence and bit the girl in the neck. 

This comes just days after a 6-year-old girl was attacked, about a mile away. There was no immediate word from law enforcement if the same animals were responsible for Tuesday's incident.

The police commissioner giving the public safety talk was interrupted by a phone call reporting this latest incident.

Police in Westchester County are still in the process of searching for a pair of coyotes from the earlier attack.

That girl's father, Steve Hodulic, was grateful his wife was close by when the attack occurred.

"My wife acted pretty quickly and got the coyote off her," he said. "It could have been a lot worse."

It was about 9:15 Friday night when Emily Hodulic was playing with other children when the two coyotes suddenly singled her out and attacked her.

The father of the little girl who was attacked is thankful his wife was closeby.

"She's got two bite marks on her stomach and shoulder and two on her back," her father said. "And she's being treated for rabies."

Emily got seven shots.

"She needs to have a shot a week for the next four weeks," Steve Hodulic said. "I think she wants to get on with being a little girl again."

Police are patrolling and prepared to answer calls of coyote sightings. They also have trappers.

"We have been working with a trapper for some time," said William Connors, Rye Police Commissioner. "He successfully trapped a mother...and eight pups several weeks ago."

The mother and her pups were found on a nearby golf course. The current search includes the neighboring Marshland Conservancy, the John Jay Historic Home and other nearby expanses of green where coyotes might build a den.

In April, a coyote killed a dog in Rye, and there have been several sightings in the last month. But an attack on a child has local residents concerned.

"Especially if she's out playing in her front yard," said resident Shannon Rossetti. "It's terrifying."

Another woman was worried for the two children for which she's responsible.

"Well, I take car of a five year old and I have a nine year-old," said resident Noel Valente-Gaviria. "It's horrifying."



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