England Wins Egg-Throwing Contest

You could've been forgiven for thinking a bunch of egg-throwers were up to no good in England on Sunday, but in fact they were launching eggs at human targets to raise money for charity.

According to the Belfast Telegraph , German and English teams faced-off in the World Egg-Throwing championships with English contestants winning four out of five categories.

Despite the World Cup game between England and Germany at the same time, there was standing room only at the location of the egg chucking contest in Swaton, Lincolnshire.

'That's 4-1 in England's favor, which is a better result than 4-1 against," said the World Egg Throwing Federation president, Andy Dunlop, in reference to England's defeat in South Africa. "There's been more British champions in egg-throwing than any other sport today."

According to the BBC , the challenge involved 200 participants that used a medieval-style siege machine that looks like a large catapult.

There were German, English, Dutch and American teams that launched eggs at human targets that were 120 meters away at speeds of 100 mph.

But, despite getting pummeled with eggs at high speeds, the competitors wore eye protection and orange capes.

According to the World Egg Throwing Federation's Twitter page, although the UK was victorious in the World Championship, there were some real upsets – including adult egg throwers being beaten by 12-year-olds.

It wasn't all just fun and games though; the money [thousands of pounds] that was raised from the competition went to the Red Cross, Leukemia Research and other charities.

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