Greeley, Colo. - Museum receives pre-Nazi swastika quilt

The organization behind a Colorado town's museums said a recently donated swastika-covered quilt was made around 1900, long before Nazi rule in Germany.

Erin Quinn, a manager with the Greeley Museums, said the 66-inch-by-80-inch quilt, which features 27 swastikas in various colors, was donated late last year by a family that found the item in a long-closed hope chest, The Denver Post reported Monday.

Quinn said the quilt was made decades before Adolf Hitler rose to power using the swastika as a symbol and was likely put away when the design became known for its Nazi connection.

The manager said the swastika has been a popular symbol in many cultures for centuries.

"It's beautiful with wonderful workmanship," Quinn said. "It's in wonderful condition."

Quinn said there will be a great deal of discussion before a decision is made about whether to display the item.

"Would this make someone mad? Would this be hurtful? We will have those talks," she said.



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