Man Tries Trading Marijuana for iPad on Craigslist

Trying to trade marijuana for electronics equipment proved to be a bad deal for an Arizona man, as the "buyer" turned out to be an undercover detective with the Gilbert Police Department.

According to MyFox Phoenix police say that Jacob Walker, 20, posted an ad on offering to trade an Apple iPod Touch and marijuana for an Apple iPad. He included photos of both in his ad. reposted the alleged Craigslist post, which stated that the seller would trade his iPod and "a quarter of DANK. blue dream straight outta cali." The ad included a picture of the iPod and the marijuana, sitting on top of a scale.

Gilbert police Sgt. Mark Marino said detectives saw the ad and replied to it. They set up a June 10 meeting where Walker handed a quarter-ounce of marijuana to a man who ended up being an undercover detective.

Walker and Joseph Velarde, 20, who went with him, were both arrested.

Fox 5


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