New Jersey - Asbury Park Considers Creating Topless Beach

Once one of the top seaside resorts on the East Coast, Asbury Park is trying to keep abreast of vacationers' changing tastes: It is considering letting women go topless on a city beach.

But unlike other, secluded nude beaches in the Garden State, this one could be right in your face, with the boardwalk offering a prime view of more than some parents might want junior to see.

The City Council is considering a request from Reggie Flimlin, an Asbury Park yoga studio owner, to allow women to decide for themselves whether they want to wear tops on the beach.

She says it would respect women's right to decide for themselves.

But some worry the let-it-all-hang-out attitude might scare away families who are finally returning to the struggling shore town.

Asbury Park is about 42 miles east of Trenton.



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