New York - Defendants In Synagogue Bomb Plot Case Denied Bail

New York - A federal judge denied bail Friday for three of the four men accused of plotting to blow up a Bronx synagogue.

Attorneys for David Williams, Onta Williams and James Cromitie argued their clients are not flight risks.

Judge Colleen McMahon remanded the defendants to custody but took steps to ensure the defendants get a speedy trial.

The trial was stalled because federal prosecutors failed to hand over critical documents to the defense.

The three defendants are accused of trying to blow up a synagogue and Jewish center in Riverdale.

A fourth defendant, Laguerre Payen, is a Haitian citizen and is in the custody of immigration officials, so he is not eligible for bail.

The defense says the men were entrapped by federal investigators, who provided them with fake explosives and promised money if they participated in the plot.



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