New York - Storm Causes Damage Across Suburbs

There are numerous reports of damage after a fast-moving line of storms crossed the suburbs north and east of New York City.

A state of emergency was declared in Bridgeport, Conn. after the storm.  A building collapsed at 588 East Main Street.

Emergency crews rushed to the scene. People are reportedly trapped in the muilti-story building, according to . State Police are bringing in a canine unit to help locate anyone trapped inside.

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch says there are multiple injuries, but no reports of fatalities. He says there are blown out windows, uprooted trees, and facades ripped off buildings.

There were unconfirmed reported that a tornado touched down in the area.

There was significant tree damage reported New Haven.  A large tree was down on Housatonic Drive.  There were also widespread reports of damage through Easton in Fairfield County, Conn.

The National Weather Service had issued a Tornado Warning for a short period of time on Thursday afternoon but it was canceled after the storm passed. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch continued across the tristate until 8 p.m. on Thursday.

The National Weather Service had reports of many trees and wires down in Middletown in Orange County, N.Y.  There was also minor roof damage reported at Middletown High School.  A garage collapsed in the storm, injuring one person.

In Fishkill in Dutchess County there were also several trees and power lines down.

A tree fell on a car in Stony Point in Putnam County.  A tree also fell across Route 22 in the area.

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