Pet Snake Strangles its Owner to Death

A Nebraska man was strangled to death by his own boa constrictor, in what is believed to be the first such killing by a pet snake in the U.S., the Omaha News reported Thursday.

Cory Byrne's neck was crushed at his Papillion home as he showed the pet to friends.

The nine foot long, 25-pound snake, which was wrapped around his neck and shoulders, suddenly tightened its grip, causing the 34-year-old to collapse.

Rescuers arrived to find him with no pulse. He was pronounced dead at hospital.

"When they strike, they're just going to coil around real fast," said Nebraska Humane Society's snake expert Sarah Reiderer, according to the Omaha News.

"It waits until it can't feel the heart beat anymore and then and that's when it will relax a little bit," Reiderer said.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is campaigning to keep potentially dangerous animals, like boa constrictors, contained to prevent further fatalities.

Fox 5


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