Pikesville, Md. - Anti-Semitic political flier sent to Pikesville residents

Pikesville, Md. - A Jewish supporter of Councilman Joseph Bartenfelder's candidacy for county executive says she's been the target of a flier that claims Bartenfelder and one of his chief supporters are anti-Semites.

Ruth Goldstein, who lives in the Midfield community in Pikesville, said she received a small, cream-colored envelope in the mail Tuesday that looked like an invitation to an event.

"I felt like I had been violated," said Goldstein during a phone interview Wednesday.

After getting a copy of one of the fliers, Bartenfelder e-mailed a statement to reporters Wednesday evening.

"The fact that my supporters whose signs have been removed and have been subjected to this scurrilous letter are of the Jewish faith make these actions all the more disgraceful," Bartenfelder wrote.

"While I do not feel the need to defend myself against these outrageous charges, I think it is fair to point out that my support transcends all racial and religious groups and is truly representative of the citizens of Baltimore County."

Goldstein, who lives near the center of Pikesville, recently had a Bartenfelder campaign sign stolen from her lawn. She replaced the sign.

Goldstein said she has no idea who would send such a flier.

She said she quickly realized that the flier "was a smear on Joe Bartenfelder. A person might get a flier like this and look at the photo and say, 'Joe Bartenfelder is an anti-Semite and I'm not voting for him.'"

Goldstein called to alert the Bartenfelder campaign, as well as the police to file a report of harassment.

Lt. Robert McCullough, a Baltimore County police spokesman, said Pikesville detectives are investigating the flier, but it is considered an isolated incident.

It is unknown how many of the anti-Bartenfelder fliers were mailed.

Baltimore Sun


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