What recession?! This crystal bathtub costs $790,000+

It was crafted from flawless white crystal sourced from the Amazon rainforest.  It was sculpted over six months using diamond cuts.  It costs a whopping $790,310.

Nope, it's not a fine piece of jewelry - it's a bathtub.

Baldi, an Italian design company known for developing luxurious products, created this tub after Paolo Baldi, the father of the company's CEO Luca Baldi, heard about a ten-ton flawless crystal deep in the Amazon. He thought it might make a beautiful bathtub and had the crystal brought to Italy so the company could use it, the World Interior Design Network reports.

The bathtub will be displayed in Harrods in London during the month of July.

The piece pictured above is actually the second bathtub made from the massive crystal (though both tubs have a unique design).  The first was sold to a wealthy Russian for more than $800,000, according to BornRich.org.

Daily News


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