Whitstable, England - Class Greets German Visitors With Shameful Nazi Salute

Whitstable, England - A group of German teenagers were stunned when English students from their 'twin town' school greeted them with with the Nazi salute.

Students from the Community College in Whitstable, Kent, raised their hands in the 'Heil Hitler' salute, also known as the Hitler salute, as the German students entered their classroom.

The students, from the town of Borken, said they were extremely offended by the gesture.

Nazi symbols and Hitler salutes have been illegal in Germany since the end of World War II.

Sally Krause, who hosted one of the students at the home she shares with her German-born husband Dierk, said the behaviour was 'appalling.'

'While I find it appalling that such behaviour was displayed I am more appalled that no teacher disciplined the students immediately or apologised to the German students and their teachers,' she said.

'My husband is German and was equally offended by the behaviour but also ashamed that guests in this country could be treated in this way.'

Mother-of-one Mrs Krause said their German visitor told her husband what had happened, and said they had been shocked by the Nazi greeting.  

'We feel that due to my husband being German the student staying with us felt more able to express his feelings as it appeared from talking to other hosts they were unaware of the incident,' Mrs Krause said.

'I can understand the students involved may have intended it as a joke but such behaviour is not acceptable and gives a poor impression of the Community College and its students.'

Mrs Krause wrote to the college several weeks ago to complain about the incident but is yet to receive a response.

But college spokesman Richard Martindale confirmed that complaints had been made.

'The college can confirm that during a recent school visit it was reported that a few students had acted inappropriately. 

This was extremely unfortunate but immediately addressed by the head teacher during a mini school assembly.' 

he college is very proud of the strong international links it has developed over recent years and takes any incident that may cause offence seriously.'

Daily Mail


  1. This incident is not quite as reported. In fact, it was only three silly, attention-seeking, inadequate students who were involved in this disgraceful behaviour. This is not excuse the incident but to point out that The Community College should not be tarred with the same brush. In fact, the Community College enjoys a well-won reputation for its friendless to the many many students from all over who visit every year, particularly those from Germany. The subject was tackled in school assembly and the vast majority of students were appalled by the tiny minority who have let them down.


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