Yarmulke Too Hot? Manhattan Inventor Has a Solution

New York - What are observant yarmulke-wearing Jews to do during the sweltering summer heat? That ancient, sweaty problem is one that an Upper East Sider hopes to solve with his modern skullcap redesign.

Enter the yamulkap, a yarmulke with the brim of a baseball hat. As the Daily News reports, its inventor, Seth Mosler, 59, came up with the idea two years ago after seeing a group of Orthodox Jewish kids throwing around frisbees and softballs in Central Park.

“I noticed they were hot and getting sunburned,” Mosler explained.

Eventually Mosler, who is Jewish but not strictly observant, came up with a prototype by cutting up an old baseball cap. He consulted with two rabbis to make sure his invention would satisfy religious standards and searched for a manufacturer.

“When you’re talking about yarmulkes, you are talking about thousands of years of tradition,” Mosler said. “But this has a practical purpose.”

Over the past few months, he has sold more than 20 yamulkaps online for $12.99, the newspaper reported, though it’s not clear his invention will catch on.



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