Flash flood watch issued for Sullivan County

Monticello - The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch and has advised Sullivan County officials of a potential for isolated areas of very heavy rainfall Friday through Saturday.

Between one and two inches of rain may fall with heavier amounts in some areas.

Thursday night, some six to seven inches of rain fell near Route 206 in Colchester, causing flash flooding.

Even with the dry soil conditions, a slow moving thunderstorm could drop enough rain to overwhelm drainage ditches, poor drainage areas and small streams, said Sullivan County Manager David Fanslau.

“I strongly urge any resident who lives near a stream, creek or river to be prepared and alert as this storm progresses, and to take preventative measures to protect their property through sandbags, etc.,” Fanslau said.

In case of emergency, residents in flooded areas should make preparations to vacate their home if conditions warrant, he said.

Mid-Hudson News


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