How To Fend Off Attackers With Simple Steps

New York - Patrol cars are swarming over Riverside Park Monday in the wake of two brutal attacks on women last week. 

As police search for suspects, experts are reminding residents that there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

Gabrielle Rubin of Female Awareness, teaches women to walk with confidence and a "don't mess with me" attitude – exactly what attackers don't want.

"They're looking for someone who's quiet," Rubin said. "An easy target who's not going to do much, not going to get loud, not going to cause a scene to get attention."

A loud voice, Rubin said, is a one of your best tools. She suggests looking ahead of you, or across the street from you, and pretend you know one of the people walking by.

"I can look at the person across the street and say, 'Mary!'" she said. "Pretend you know that person."

Or, you can create that invisible friend with a fake call on your cell phone.

Take your phone out, and hold it to your ear, as if you're on a real call.

"Say, 'What? You're behind me? And simply wave to that person," Rubin said. "It lets [the attacker] think someone's behind them, someone sees them, and now you have another person with you."

There are other tools you can get to help you. Carry a loud whistle, a personal alarm, or pepper spray.

Rubin says there are all sorts of defense moves to learn that will help you escape. Kicking knees, using the heel of your palm to strike the attacker's nose, or elbowing them when they grab you from behind are all good tips.

"Follow up with a foot stomp, and you're out," Rubin said.

Don't let the hot, sunny weather lull you into a false sense of security. Attacks don't always happen at night, on a rainy day, or in a back alley.



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