Washington - Orthodox Jews To Protest The Desecration of Ancient Jewish Cemeteries in Israel

Washington - The "True Torah Jews," an organization dedicated to informing the world that not all Jews support the Zionist state of Israel, would like to inform all that thousands of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews will take part in a major demonstration on Tuesday, July 6, at 2:00 PM in front of the White House. They will be demonstrating against the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who will be visiting the White House on that day.

The demonstration was called by the Central Rabbinical Congress of the USA and Canada, in cooperation with the Asra Kadisha organization.

The Central Rabbinical Congress (CRC) is an umbrella organization for hundreds of Orthodox Jewish congregations in the United States and Canada, with a total membership of 250,000 Orthodox Jews; CRC represents the religious interests of their membership organizations towards the political and international community.

Asra Kadisha is an organization established almost 50 years ago to protect the integrity of Jewish cemeteries throughout the world.

The demonstration will focus on the current construction, permitted and encouraged by the Israeli government, over ancient Jewish cemeteries in Ashkelon and Jaffa.

An open letter to Netanyahu will appear in Tuesday's Washington Post. The letter reads in part: "Once again, news from the State of Israel leaves us horrified and deeply saddened. In heart-rending reports, we hear of the ongoing desecration of ancient Jewish cemeteries across the length and breadth of the country... For thousands of years, our sages and ancestors had rested in these cemeteries in peace, undisturbed by the various ruling gentile governments, who guarded the dignity and rights of those buried there. Tragically, and in a brutal twist of irony, these grave sites are destroyed now with the full protection and support of the so-called 'Jewish' government...

"In truth, this episode is but one link in the chain of anti-religious activities perpetrated by the Israeli government. Ever since its inception more than 60 years ago, the Israeli government has violated and eradicated Jewish religion and tradition whenever possible...

"Mr. Netanyahu: How dare you present yourself to the President of the United States as the 'representative of the Jewish People,' at the time that you and your government are eradicating Judaism and violating the Torah?

"Finally, we wish to clearly reiterate one of the fundamental tenets of the Jewish faith: Jews are forbidden by the Torah to establish sovereignty or to revolt against any nation or people. In fact, Jewish law commands that Jews be peaceful, law-abiding citizens in whichever countries they reside until the final Redemption, when peace and tranquility will come to all mankind."

True Torah Jews Press Release


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