Water rates going up in Rockland County and part of Orange

The State Public Service Commission Wednesday approved a new three-year plan that will increase customers of United Water New York, Inc. in all of Rockland County and a small portion of Orange County by almost $39 per quarter.

The plan includes provisions for United Water to improve the overall reliability of its system.

The Increases will increase annual revenues each year of the rate plan by $6.37 million beginning September 2010 through August 2013.

As a result of the hikes, the average residential customer will see their quarterly bills increase by $12.17 in the first year, $11.27 in the second year and $15.48 in the third year.

The company said the increases were necessitated by significant capital expenditures, increased real estate taxes, and higher employee-related expenses such as medical benefits and pension costs.

Mud-Hudson News


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