Baby Comes Back to Life Inside Coffin

A premature baby girl was discovered alive in the coffin that she was to be buried in hours after she was pronounced dead.

According to AOL News seventeen-year-old mother Dafne Marisol Hernandez in Mexico heard noises from the coffin as she was about to say good-bye to her daughter. She opened up the coffin and realized that the baby was crying – and very much alive.

According to AOL News , Hernandez told the Reforma news agency, "That was when we realized she was alive. There were movements and noises from inside the box where she had placed to be buried."

The baby was born at only 24 weeks and weighed a mere 1.3 pounds when she was born. Not long after the birth, doctor pronounced the baby dead after they were unable to hear a pulse.

Unfortunately authorities in central Mexico have said that the baby girl has died. The Associated Press reported that Hidalgo state attorney general Jose Rodriguez said the baby died of asphyxia, three days after being declared dead the first time by a doctor in the town of Tulancingo.

A similar incident happened in Paraguay last year, the Daily Mail reported.

Jose Alvarenga was told his baby had died a short time after birth.

Hospital staff delivered the body to the home of Alvarenga for a funeral service, and when he opened up the box to say good-bye, he discovered that the baby was breathing.

Alvarenga rushed the infant back to the hospital where it was taken and put into an oxygen chamber and was stabilized.

Ernesto Weber, head of pediatric intensive care at the hospital, admitted that the doctor who had handled the case had not checked the infant's vital signs thoroughly.

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