Largest-Ever Israeli 'Clean Up Day' Draws 240,000

Israel - More than 240,000 Israelis took part in International Clean-Up Day, led in Israel by the Jewish National Fund.  Participants picked up trash in woods, parks, and other natural spaces.
Among the cleaners were students, soldiers, and members of various youth groups. Several companies got their employees involved as well.

In the north, soldiers worked side by side with special needs students to clean the Lotem reserve. In the Samaria city of Ariel, 500 schoolchildren cleaned while facing challenges and riddles relating to environmental issues.

“We in the Jewish National Fund took responsibility for coordinating our country's Clean-Up Day ten years ago,” said JNF director Efi Stenzler. “It started out small, and now it has swept the entire country.”

Each year has seen more and more volunteers turn out to help, and this year's clean-up was the largest yet, he added. The day is used not only to clean Israel's forests, but also to educate youth about the environmental protection and the harm that litter does to animals, people, and the natural world.

Arutz Sheva


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