NYC Begins Using Cameras To Enforce Bus Lanes

New York - Beginning today, the Department of Transportation will use surveillance cameras to enforce the Select Bus Service lanes on First and Second Avenues.

Five cameras have been set up along the route so far and more will be installed in the coming months.

Any unauthorized use of the bus lanes is subject to a $115 violation.

"I think since they're not supposed to be in the bus lane, they shouldn't, and if they are afraid of paying $115, then they won't get in. So I think it'll help," said one New Yorker.

"I think it's great because they won't hold up my commute anymore," said another. "When the cars are there, then the buses can't get out, and it's a mess, so I think it's good."

Cars are only permitted to enter a bus lane to make the next available right turn or to quickly drop off or pick up passengers.



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