Report: Amazon Plans Global Expansion

Amazon is set to expand its international retail platform to facilitate sales in new markets, as online rivals stage a race for global dominance in e-commerce, the Financial Times reported Monday.

Amazon -- the world’s largest online retailer by visitors -- has set up a new team that will create “the architectural underpinnings to greatly simplify country expansions,” and make it easier for companies to reach customers by translating content into different languages and adjusting taxes, prices and delivery options.

The retailer is planning to recruit senior software engineers for what it says is “a new team ... that is gearing up to make a substantial impact on how Amazon does business around the world."

Walmart announced in October that it was preparing to launch a site in China to support sales from its Sam's Club warehouse stores. Gap also recently launched its first e-commerce sites in Canada and China.

Amazon currently operates in six countries outside the US, including: Canada, China, Japan, the UK, Germany and France.

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