Brooklyn, N.Y. - Another Bias Attack In Williamsburg?

Brooklyn, N.Y. - For the second time in two weeks, residents in Williamsburg, Brooklyn said a Hasidic Jewish man has been assaulted near the intersection of Wallabout Street and Harrison Avenue.

The most recent attack happened at around 11 p.m. Monday night right in front of a yeshiva. Sources familiar with the investigation said the a 44-year-old man was approached and punched by two Hispanic boys, 14 and 15-years-old, and that both teens were being questioned.

No anti-Semitic slurs were made and his religious clothing was not damaged.

The yeshiva at the site of the attack is where Joel Weinberger teaches and that’s where he was coming from on Thanksgiving evening when, police said, he was approached from behind by three suspects.

“I am too traumatized to talk,” he said from a hospital bed. In exclusive CBS 2 video, Weinberger shows the effects of a brutal beating police said he received at the hands of those same suspects who were still on the loose.

No money was taken and no anti-Semitic statements were made in Weinberger’s case, but the thugs ripped off his religious clothing, which helped to trigger an official NYPD bias investigation.

“What they used to call in the younger years, they rearranged his face,” said community activist Issac Abraham.



  1. This wasn’t a bias attack, the 14 year old is a relative of mine and I can assure you he has nothing against Jews. His brother is with a Jewish woman and we have several Jews in the family. I don’t condone what he did, he is an idiot for doing what he did but I do believe it was just kids doing stupid things for fun (again I don’t condone). If he did target a Hasidic Jew he must of done so thinking it was easier to get away with. The kid is only 14 and they are about to give him a year and a half. Him doing so much jail time is not going to do anything but make him worse. We need to find better ways to correct the mistakes our youth make not institutionalize them.


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