Restaurant Sells Bowl of Noodles for $324

What might be the the most expensive bowl of noodles in the world can be found in a small restaurant in Taiwan.

Taiwanese restaurant owner and chef Wang Cong-yuan took 15 years perfecting the recipe that, according to The Wall Street Journal , is priced at 10,000 New Taiwan dollars ($324 American dollars).

Wang's restaurant, Niu Ba Ba, serves the decadent dish. Ingredients include five imported, four-inch squares of beef from four countries, 120 grams of noodles, a single piece of tendon, and broth.

To make the bowl of noodles customized to the tastes of the individual, each customer gets to choose between twenty different noodle varieties that have all been tested by the chef within his recipe.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Wang consulted with several of his clientele, which included politicians, celebrities, and Michelin chefs, before setting the price on his special bowl of noodles.

The world's most expensive bowl of noodles can only be found at his the Taipei restaurant of Wang Cong-yuan, Niu Ba Ba (which translates to "Beef Father" in Chinese). It sells very well despite the high price, outselling a more moderately priced beef noodle bowl (which is only 200 New Taiwan dollars) on the same menu.

The news of the $324 bowl of noodles had many websites and commenters bemoaning the steep price of the dish. One comment posted on Gawker summed up the general feeling towards the expensive dish, "... this is one of those dishes that's really expensive but not actually better than a myriad of cheaper alternatives."

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