Assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist took place less than a mile away from Iranian Intelligence's HQ

The forces behind the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist and Natanz official Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan in Tehran Wednesday remain unknown, but recent details about the hit reveal that the location of the assassination was rather conspicuous – just a few blocks away from Iranian Intelligence headquarters.

Iran blames Israel and the United States for the attack, and has already vowed that its retaliation "will reach beyond Iran and beyond the region," adding that those involved "shouldn’t feel safe anywhere."

Available details reveal that Roshan was killed by a bomb thrown at his car by two motorcyclists who sped away, in what has already been described by Iranian media a "daring terror attack."

However, the media reports made scarce mention of the fact that the Iranian Intelligence – the very body that is supposed to thwart such attacks – is located less than a mile away from the scene of the crime. 

The area surrounding Iranian Intelligence HQ is considered highly secure, yet the motorcyclists aroused no suspicion. They were able to kill both Roshan and his bodyguard, who was driving the car.

Iran claims that the hit was carried out by Israeli agents but has not presented any proof to that effect.

Iranian opposition sources quoted eyewitness reports suggesting the area was "crawling with police forces" prior to the attack. Should those reports prove true, they indicate an even greater lapse in Iranian intelligence, since it suggests that Tehran's authorities may have had an advance warning of an impending attack.

The Ministry of Intelligence and National Security is considered one of the most prominent ministries in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's regime and is in charge of intelligence and counter intelligence.

Ironically, the ministry is based on the Sawac, the Shah's intelligence and security agency, which the Moassad advised during the 1970s.


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