Couple Saws Off Corpse's Fingers To Steal Gun

A Colorado couple have been charged with stealing evidence from a crime scene after they sawed through a corpse's fingers to swipe a gun.

Jerod Reeves and Kimberly McCaffery have admitted looting cash and other items from two dead bodies after they stumbled across the aftermath of a suspected murder-suicide.

One corpse belonged to William Ahrold, who is suspected of killing his nine-year-old son Jackson on Dec. 17 before shooting himself.

The gun was still lodged between his now-frozen fingers, when Reeves, 29, and McCaffery, 35, found the pair lying dead in the back of a van just outside Kremmling, about 90 miles west of Denver.

Instead of notifying authorities, they rifled the vehicle for loot before Reeves turned his attention to prying the weapon from Ahrold's fingers.

"I sawed them off with a hack saw," Reeves told KUSA in a jail interview. "That was pretty crazy. I'm not really sure. I should have left that there."

Authorities eventually caught up with the couple and charged them with tampering with physical evidence, criminal trespass and abuse of a corpse.

They are being held on $150,000 bond but Reeves, who insists he was penniless, freezing and without a home, remains unrepentant about the ghoulish theft.

"I did what I had to do that night to survive," he said.


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