Fla. bomb plot suspect posted online videos ranting against Christians, Jews, Western living

A Florida man accused of plotting to attack Tampa-area nightclubs and a sheriff’s office with bombs and guns also posted several videos online in which he rails against Christians, Jews and Western living.

Twenty-five-year-old Sami Osmakac was arrested Monday. Authorities say Osmakac, who identifies himself as Muslim, wanted to avenge wrongs done to Muslims.

Osmakac is a naturalized American citizen born in Kosovo, then part of the former Yugoslavia in eastern Europe.

The videos appear to have been filmed around downtown Tampa.

A spokesman from the Tampa office from the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Monday that Osmakac did not appear to know much about the Koran’s teaching. CAIR and federal authorities say the area’s Muslim community helped law enforcement with information about Osmakac’s militant views.


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