New Device Disables Your Phone While You're Driving

The increase in the number of car accidents occurring due to the usage of mobile phones while driving is the reason behind the development of the Scosche cellControl Safe Driving System. It has been created to eliminate the use of unsafe handset applications while driving.

This Scosche device’s trigger unit has to be installed in the vehicle’s standard OBD-II interface. It gets automatically activated as soon as the car starts moving and employs Bluetooth connectivity to prevent drivers from texting, emailing and making phone calls or conducting any other such distracting functions.

Kas Alves, Executive Vice President of Scosche Industries stated, “According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Authority 18% of fatalities in distraction-related crashes involved a cell phone. Those are the type of accidents that can easily be prevented and served as the inspiration behind cellControl.”

An easy one-time setup is used by this new system to ensure that the mobile phone is disabled each time the vehicle is in motion. Compatible with more than 1,200 handsets, cellControl instantly blocks texts, emails, internet, camera and apps after it senses that the car has begun moving. It aims to promote and develop a safer driving environment for drivers as well as the pedestrians and must be used with the free Scosche cellControl app.

The Scosche cellControl Safe Driving System is now available online at for a price of $129.95. It is compatible with the free Scosche cellControl app which can be downloaded from the Android Market.


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