Mayor Bloomberg shows he’s stickler for Sanitation stickers

The Scarlet letter of parking punishments may stick around a little longer.

Mayor Bloomberg Monday said he was “adamantly” against a City Council bill to ban the Sanitation Department from slapping the pesky, fluorescent stickers on cars that block street-sweeping trucks.

“I think it’s one of the least productive things that could be legislated,” he told reporters. “Stickers are an enforcement tool that have shown that they keep our streets clean and if you take them away there’s no reason to believe that we won’t go back to the dirty streets that we had before.”

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has said the mayor’s opposition won't matter.

The legislation has more than the two-thirds Council support required to override Bloomberg’s expected veto.

“I’m disappointed but not surprised the mayor opposes legislation which would make life a little less frustrating for New York City drivers,” said bill sponsor David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn).


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