NJ synagogue bombings suspect seeks to move trial

The attorney for a teenager charged with firebombing two New Jersey synagogues says his office plans to have the trial moved from the county where the attacks took place.

Robert Kalisch is a public defender assigned to suspect Anthony Graziano. The 19-year-old Graziano pleaded not guilty Wednesday at an initial court appearance.

He was charged Tuesday with attempted murder, arson and bias intimidation for attacks in Paramus and Rutherford this month.

Kalisch says there's been too much publicity about the attacks in Bergen County to get a fair trial. He also says he'll push to have Graziano's $5 million bail lowered.

Authorities traced the materials in some of the bombs to a Walmart store and captured surveillance images of a man buying the materials. Tipsters identified the man as Graziano.


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