Video: App Lets You Post to Facebook After Death

Your last words no longer have to come from your Hospice bed. Now, you can post them on Facebook after you have passed on.

The "If I Die" app lets you send your last wishes and post messages to your friends after you have died.

It works like this: Install the app, then choose three "trustees," i.e. Facebook friends, you want in charge of verifying your death. You can then record videos and write posts that can be posted posthumously. Once your trustees confirm your death the postings can be sent all at once or posted/sent on a designated schedule, Mashable reported.

Israel-based Wilook built the app so people can be prepared in case they die unexpectedly.

"We all have things to say and don't necessarily have the audience with the patience to hear us," Eran Alfonta, the app's co-founder and CEO, told Mashable. "Actually, we all want to leave something behind, we all want to leave a stamp behind us."

The near-death experience of Alfonta's two married friends prompted the idea for the app. While traveling to Italy without their kids they were almost killed in a vehicle crash.

"They stopped aside and drank water and relaxed and started speaking between themselves: 'Oh my god, what would happen to the kids if something happened to me?'"

The harrowing experience led the couple to ask Alfonta to create a website that would enable them to record a private message to their kids that would only be sent if the parents died.

"In a way, If I Die gives its users a measure of social media immortality," wrote Mashable's Zachary Sniderman. "Even when they die, their profiles can live on, posting comments and sending personal messages for as long as they have messages to send."


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