Video: Violinist Plays Along with Cell Phone Interruption

Anyone who has ever attended a concert or movie, which was interrupted by another person's cell phone ring, can appreciate the annoyance.

In a video that has been passed around the internet, a Slovakian musician, rather than be outwardly annoyed, just took it in stride and played along.

Lukas Kmit's reaction has gone viral, as more than a million viewers have watched on YouTube , as he mimics the Nokia cell phone ring.

CNET reported he was playing his viola at a Jewish Orthodox Synagogue when the interruption happened.

He paused with the first ring, then followed up the second ring with his own improvisation, drawing applause from the audience.

The scene is from months ago but the video is going viral after a similar interruption happened recently at a New York Philharmonic concert. Mashable reported that the conductor stopped the orchestra after an iPhone's "marimba" ringtone broke through its rendition of Mahler's 9th Symphony.

Kmit's cool and calm reaction is drawing skepticism as The Telegraph said some are suggesting it may be a publicity stunt for the Nokia company.

About 60 percent of respondents in a poll on the Telegraph's website said they didn't think it was staged.


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