Apps to help you save money at the pump

If you've filled up your car recently, you've probably experienced some sticker shock. But there are ways to save.

Prices seem to be increasing day by day. But there are apps that can help.

"It's crazy expensive," one driver said. "It's going up and up."

With prices at the pump rising by the day, more drivers are turning to the internet, their mobile phones and their tablets to try to save money.

One of the most popular apps is Gas Buddy. It's free and taps into the GPS technology on your device to find the gas stations closest to you. Using either a list or map view, you can find the nearest station and the current prices.

Gas Buddy is also available on the web, at Simply type in your zip code and a list of stations and prices appear. The site relies on consumers to help keep prices up to date.

While Gas Buddy is a free app, Fuel Finder costs $2.99, but provides additional data.

Fuel Finder can filter the distance between gas stations and provides extra information about the station, from car washes to ATMs to food.

As for the biggest user complaints for both Gas Buddy and Fuel Finder, neither is able to plan out the best gas stations along an extended trip.

For that, it is still going to take some web research.

At many local stations, gas is currently more than $4 a gallon.


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