Dollar Bank to Introduce Video Teller Services for Customer Convenience

Dollar Bank, among the largest financial institutions serving Pittsburgh, said it plans to introduce video teller services into the Pittsburgh market during the second quarter of 2012.

Dollar Bank, which has assets of more than $6 billion, is based in Pittsburgh. Around 35 of its 62 branches are in the region. The remainder are in the Cleveland area.

The services, known as NCR APTRA Interactive Teller, provide banking customers with a convenient yet personal alternative to a live teller, Dollar said in a release, enabling customers to do their banking at non-traditional times or experience faster in-branch service by accessing a live remote teller via a video connection through an ATM machine.

Dollar said it is working with NCR Corp. and uGenius Technology LLC, companies whose 2011 collaboration built the first ATM that lets a consumer talk and bank with a live, remote teller.

“We have been evaluating this technology and now believe the video teller service can significantly improve the delivery of service for our customers,” Dollar President and CEO Robert Oeler said in a prepared statement. “Dollar has a long history of using technology to benefit the customer experience. We are excited to be the first bank to introduce video teller services to the Pittsburgh region.”

Dollar Bank will introduce both walk-up and drive-thru ATMs with video teller services to selected branches in late spring. Dollar will deploy NCR APTRA Interactive Teller using uGenius’ video banking technology, giving Dollar Bank customers a choice to conduct teller transactions with the assistance of a live, remote video teller; or they can use the NCR SelfServ solution for traditional ATM transactions.

Dollar Bank will utilize a concierge approach to introduce this service to its customers.

“We will introduce this new, convenient banking service to our customers by having a branch employee show them how the remote teller can be used for their daily banking transactions,” Jim McQuade, senior vice president of retail banking, said in a prepared statement. “Using APTRA Interactive Teller is really no different from a service standpoint than using a regular teller, and by adding extended evening and weekend hours of operation Dollar will be more convenient for our customers.”


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