Gowanus Whole Foods Market Approved

New York City gave approval Tuesday for a new Whole Foods Market to be built in an industrial area of Brooklyn.

By the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, on Third Avenue and Third Street there is 4.2 acres of land that was purchased by Whole Foods Markets. After cleaning up the toxic chemicals in this industrial area, the Texas based company planned to build a mega-sized supermarket.

It would even have a hydroponic greenhouse on top to grow vegetables for sale. It’s been eights years since Whole Foods started the process that got final approval from the city’s Board of Standards and Appeals.

Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz welcomes the project, which will create 350 jobs.
A lot of people in the area also support the idea, but there are critics.

Marlene Donnelly is an industrial engineer who owns a small architectural firm with her husband.

She works in a building across the street from the Whole Foods site and says Gowanus will be another neighborhood going upscale and too expensive.

She would prefer the site to be a wetlands park.

With the approval, Whole Foods says it will be able to finish the project in a year.


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