Hezbollah has 45,000 missiles

Hezbollah has accumulated 45,000 missiles that pose a threat to Israel, a senior Defense Ministry official told the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai Saturday.

According to Defense Ministry Director of Policy and Political-Military Affairs Amos Gilad, Iran and Syria supplied the missiles to the group using ships, planes and trains.

Gilad told the newspaper that Lebanon's leaders are unaware of these developments, creating a vacuum that has given rise to a new, independent entity he dubbed "Hezbollastan."

The entity smuggles weapons without need for permission from the Lebanese tax authorities, Gilad said.
The defense official addressed Iran's nuclear development, saying that it poses Israel and the world's top challenge. He accused the regime in Tehran of intending to use nuclear strategy not only against the Jewish, but also against Arab regimes and the Gulf nations.

Gilad expressed confidence in the protesters in Syria, saying that they will eventually compel President Bashar Assad to stop the violence and implement reform. He added that Israel would want to sign a peace agreement with Syria, if it weren't for Damascus' cooperation with terror groups.


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