Iranian diplomats visit suspects in Thai bombings

Iranian diplomats visited three Iranian citizens suspected of involvement in the Thailand bombings earlier this month, the Fars news agency reported Tuesday.

According to Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi, diplomats in Asia visited Said Moradi and Mohammad Khazaei, both detained in Thailand, as well as Masoud Sedaghat Zadeh who is in custody in Malaysia. Five people including the terrorist were injured in the Bangkok attack.

Araqchi said: “We still do not know who is behind this and why they have done it." Last week he noted that Tehran is willing to assist in tracing the terrorists "as a good will gesture."
“The dimensions of this issue are not clear for us and there are ambiguities about this issue, and it seems that the scenario was devised by the Zionists (Israelis) to involve Iran in a new misdeed,” he said.

On Monday it was reported that three additional Iranian citizens were questioned on their suspected involvement in the bombings.

A Thai police spokesman said that the three – a woman and two men – were traced during a search at a Bangkok apartment. The apartment was being rented by a fourth individual – a woman who is also a suspect in the terror plot.


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