OWS Back in Action: Protester Arrested at Occupy Wall Street March

A protester has been arrested after a noisy Occupy Wall Street march in Manhattan grew to about 200 people.     

There was a heavy police presence around the 42nd Street area as the demonstration began Wednesday morning outside the Pfizer offices.     

The event featured loud drumming and a chant: "The people united will never be defeated.''

Other chants included an obscenity aimed at both corporate America and the police.     

The group eventually marched in the rain to Bryant Park, where "teach-ins'' were held. Occupy organizers picked Bryant Park because of the corporations in that area, including Bank of America, Koch Industries and Pfizer.      

Workers in the neighborhood received memos alerting them to the planned event.

The arrested protester had ridden his bike on the sidewalk outside the New York Public Library.     

Participants included a retired garment manufacturer, 68-year-old Michael Miller of Manhattan. He complained that he has to get prescription drugs from Canada to save money.

The rally, called "Shutdown the Corporations," is part of a larger Occupy protest taking place in more than 80-cities across the country.


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