TSA Testing Out New Speedy Screening Process At JFK Terminal 8

For some travelers flying out of JFK Airport, the whole process is becoming a little less of a hassle.

Some flyers Wednesday morning were floating on air at American Airlines’ Terminal 8 screening.

They left on their shoes, belts, and jackets, they didn’t have to open their bags, and they breezed through security.

“Freakin’ easy, and painless. Very easy. It’s a breakthrough,” said one flyer.

“This was super. I could use this on some of those days when you’re running about 15 minutes late,” said another.

“I think it took 45 seconds,” said still another.

These frequent flyers were cleared through the Transportation Secrurity Administration’s Pre Check initiative.

TSA administrator John Pistole says all they had to do was volunteer additional information to their airline.

“We also do some other assessments with the airliness that we don’t go into detail about,” he said.

Kennedy is the ninth airport to try out Pre Check.

By year’s end, it will expand to 35 airports including Newark Liberty and LaGuardia.


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