Annual Passover Food Collection Effort Under Way

A group of volunteers is hard at work making sure elderly and low-income Jewish families have enough kosher food for Passover.

The Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty is kicking off it's annual food package distribution today.

Thousands of packages are put together at the Met Council's warehouse in East Flatbush, and taken to distribution locations across the five boroughs, where they will be given to those in need.

About two million pounds of food will be handed out, including traditional matzohs, grape juice, gefilte fish, horseradish, macaroons and more.

"Especially with the economic downturn, people who have lost jobs over the past few years, bread-winners of the families, large families. We get calls on a daily basis from people who just need food and help. They've expended all their savings. They've maxed out their credit cards. They need help," said Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty Assistant Program Director Adina Rauner.

Passover begins next Friday night.

For more information about the council and package distribution, visit


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