Consumer Reports: Best and worst hospital's in NYC area

The new list is out of the best and worst hospitals in our area.

Consumer Reports came out with its rankings.

It looked at everything from how well doctors and nurses do to how patients recover.

According to Consumer Reports the five worst hospitals in the nation when it comes to patient safety are all here in the New York City area.

Jacobi Medical Center ranked lowest, (68 percent worse than the national average.)

Nassau University Medical Center, Forest Hills Hospital, St. Joseph's Medical Center and St. Johns Riverside Hospital also received low scores.

The highest score goes to St. Francis hospital in Rosyln but it was only 22 percent better than average.

Peconic Bay Medical Center, Saint Barnabas, Glen Cove Hospital and Robert Wood Johnson also ranked among the highest here, but not nationally.

"NYC hospitals and their CEO'S are not prioritizing safety and they need to," says Dr. John Santa with Consumer Reports.

Dr. Santa says they graded hospitals in four areas, infections, the number of patients re-admitted to the hospital, and how well staff communicated with patients about medications and discharge planning.

Many hospitals responded to Consumer Reports by saying city hospitals have unique challenges a lot of patients that speak a lot of different languages and a lot of low income patients that don't always have regular health care/

"But what we point out is that hospitals in very similar circumstances in other parts of the country have figured this out," adds Dr. Santa.

Jacobi Medical Center which had the lowest scores declined an on camera interview but said in a statement that the new report: "Does not include more recent hospital data that shows significant improvements in hospital acquired infections, readmissions and communication with our patients who speak over 150 languages."


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