Couple Wed at Combined Age of 193, Set Record

She didn't want a relationship, but he wooed her by saying he liked her dress -- and they spent the next 15 years, in their words, "living together in sin."

That all changed for 95-year-old Lillian Hartley and 98-year-old Allan Marks when they married Wednesday near their home in Palm Springs, Calif., The Desert Sun reported. And they appear to have beaten a Guinness World Record -- for oldest combined age of a couple on their wedding -- into the bargain.

The two, who call themselves the "Romeo and Juliet of senior citizens," 193 years, eight months and three days between them.

As a result they will officially hold the record once they provide verification of their ages, a Guinness spokeswoman said. Their feat beats the previous record, set by a French couple, by two years.

"I don't know what will happen. I want to be together for all eternity, and I'm not taking any chances," the bride said of her newlywed status.

The couple -- a widow and widower -- first met in Palm Springs in 1994 when she was 78.

Hartley liked Marks' compliment about her dress but told him it was "just an old rag."

"I'm not deeply religious, but I just think it was meant to be," she said. "I didn't want a relationship -- I enjoyed my freedom -- but he got me."

But the couple never got around to marrying, preferring to spend their time traveling instead.
The short civil ceremony took place on Feb. 29 in Indio, about 26 miles east of Palm Springs.


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