Delta Airlines adds service to upstate NY

Central New Yorkers flying from Hancock Airport to New York City now have more options thanks to Delta Airlines.

"To LaGuardia we're announcing five new non-stops, so that essentially increases the seat capacity by 96 percent from the previous carrier," said Delta Airlines NY Sales Staff Vice President, Chuck Imhof.

The new all-jet service will offer increased regional service to the New York City airport closest to Manhattan. A more convenient and reliable option for business travelers often on tight schedules.

"A great schedule that will allow day trips to New York for business and connecting service to many of their hubs," said Syracuse Aviation Commissioner, Christina Reale.

"The business traveler needs reliability. You have to know if you're traveling somewhere for an important meeting to meet with a client, a supplier, a vendor, a partner or even within your own company to another division, that you're going to get there and with this new service we expecting more reliability," said Air Service Development of CenterState CEO Vice President, Kevin Schwab.

More flights out of Syracuse are just part of a larger expansion for Delta Airlines that is wrapping up this summer.

"July 11th will be phase two where we double the number of destinations from LaGuardia that we're serving. So folks here in Syracuse will be able to fly to LaGuardia to 60 different destinations," said Imhof.

Doubling the number of destinations served out of LaGuardia, as well as, making renovations to the airport's Terminal C.

"Delta is investing $160 million to build a connector from Terminal C to Terminal D and bringing the standards of Terminal C up to the new Delta standards," said Imhof.

All investments aimed at making Delta New York State's airline of choice.

The additional flights to and from Hancock began March 25th. The changes are just one of many at the airport, including the construction of a new security checkpoint.


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